Mixed Media Collage by Penny

Occasionally I put down my needle and thread to take up scrap papers and glue to create small art works of mixed media collage.

For the 2022 iHanna postcard swap I developed a series of postcards based on the theme Travellers in Time. The background layers are torn from freebee travel and gardening brochures, a print from an old OS map, some other geliplate printing and a book of printables that has been in my stash for far too long... I like stories that tie my series of work together this time I have chosen images of Victorian ladies and gentlemen in outdoor clothing. Mary & Mathild, their dress suggests a period from around 1890, and our gentlemen Geofrey and Gregory, seem to date from about 1830. Our couples make their appearance on a series of travel related collage art cards.

You can follow the sequence of cards below:

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