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Merry Christmouse everyone

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How our story began: In 2020, Penelope Creations was introduced to the wonderful world of the gang mice on Instagram. Then she met a whole community of makers: of tiny clothing, of 1/12 scale furniture, of dolls house accessories and so much more. The mice are hand knitted using the softest alpaca wool by Susan Ashford (aka or Mama Sue). A full sized mouse is only 10cm tall but has a very big personality. Mama Sue is always busy knitting, creating new mice to send all over the world... Some mice live in small groups and others in large extended families but there is always a hoomin somewhere to keep an eye on their antics, hide the cheeses, Tunnocks teacakes and any other snack. There are many stories of #wooliamgang adventures on Instagram, use the # to find them.

Penelope Creations, makes most of Julius and Lizzie's outfits, especially their formal wear for very special dinners, college balls and just because she likes to pamper the mice! Unfortunately Penelope Creations doesn't knit or crochet, so the mice have to rely on other small business supporters of #wooliamgangmice for those items. Credits are attached to each image in the Lizzie and Julius story below. | @themousetailor | @beetee_handmade | @littleowlmakes | @bettis_stitches | @sjmcgeorge

Our story started with Miss Lizzie Mouse PhD. As a retried academic, she arrived in May 2020 all ready to set up in her sewing room. Very quickly the love of her life, Professor Julius Cheeser (also a retired academic) joined her having completed his final lecture tour. He arrived with a plentiful supply of cheese and wine (we think he did a quick shop while travelling through France), to ensure special snacks were on hand. Lizzie loves to spend time in her sewing room pottering about with this and that. She enjoys embroidery of all types and other activities that involve chocolate, cake and/or a glass of prosecco while partaking of chitter chatter with her friends*. Now that Julius is home, they enjoy relaxed times together, wining and dining, lunching out, going on outdoor adventures and travelling. They like to visit Mook, Millie and Nibbles, their relatives in Scotlandishland and lots of other small hoomins with their families in London.

Miss Lizzie's arrival May 2020
Professor Julius arrives June 2020
The McSqueaks arrive 2022
Penny Mouse arrives 2023

In our story, Lizzie and Julius have one daughter, Philly (full title Surgeon Commander Phillipa McSqueak), who is part of the Royal Mouse Navy usually stationed on submarines. She is often away from home for very long periods of time. Philly is married to Commander Peter McSqueak (also RM Navy). We are not allowed to say much about his job, but it is something to do with MI-ce (Mousery Investigation and Counter Espionage). He too has to work away from home a lot. Philly and Peter met while they were both doing their naval training. They married about 10 years ago and have twin daughters, Pip and Squeak. Unexpectedly a teeny tiny baby mouse arrived in June 2022... When they are a family together they love to have outdoor adventures, helping the girls grow up big, strong and ready to take on the challenges of the world!

The twins are about seven years old (but who really knows what mouse age is). They came to live with Lizzie and Julius while their mummy and daddy were away on their last tours of duty. Squeak is a few minutes older than Pip but thinks it's at least a year. She gets into all sorts of adventures (and mischief). Squeak wants to study Botany and search for new plant species in the rain forests when she grows up. But for now she mostly likes to help Grandpa in the garden, climb trees and jump into muddy puddles - she isn't afraid of bugs and spiders! Pip is much quieter. She loves to read, especially David Attenborough's adventures. Pip has special glasses to help her short-sightedness. Pip often helps Granny in the kitchen making sure she recycles as much waste as possible. She also likes to spend time researching the effects of climate change. Pip wants to be an academic like Granny and Pappy when she grows up, using her knowledge as an environmental scientist to help the world. Baby Cam, is still at play school, but like to hang out with Pip and Squeak whenever possible. There is a rumour that a cousin might be joining them in 2024...

*Any similarity to any hoomin that you may know is purely coincidental. The story of Lizzie, Julius, the twins and the rest of the mouselets is a figment of Penelope's imagination...

Originally, Lizzie and Julius had a very small house on one shelf in Hoomum's sewing room, comprising a small sitting/study room and her own little sewing room. Then a small kitchen and a very small garden were added. Julius felt a bit left out as he wanted his own study and a larger garden... Lizzie and Julius persuaded Hoomum to find somewhere bigger for them to live. And wasn't that very clever thinking because we now have eight mice not just two... The long slow story of the Mouse House Renovations can be read by clicking on the link above. But, read on for the adventures of our mice, or use the links above to find each chapter of our story..

The original mouse house - no wonder Lizzie & Julius wanted some renovations...

The adventures of Lizzie, Julius and the grandchildren:

Our story is told through images that illustrate key moments in the lives of Lizzie and Julius. Click on the first image to view a larger picture with captions and extra parts of the story that describe their adventures. Keep scrolling through each section or jump to the arrival of Pip and Squeak, and the continuing story:

Miss Lizzie and Prof Julius begin their adventures

Lizzie and Julius had barely unpacked their cases and joined the instagram community when it was announced there was to be #wooliamgangcampingweekend.... Goodness me. Hoomum better get cracking to make a tent and a sleeping bag so they can join in the fun. "Oh Hoomum while you have the sewing machine out, could you make me some summer clothes please? ... Could Julius have some new shirts too?" Oh and could you send off to the Mouse Tailor for .... Goodness me!!! What has hoomum let herself in for, bringing home these two mice...

The mice celebrate hoomins' birthdays

Julius and Lizzie have settled into their retirement, just as their hoomins did several years ago. Whiling away the days, enjoying quiet time in the garden, lunches out.... But what is this??? The Hoomins celebrating their birthdays back to back. Oh No! Not the whisky. Don't do it Lizzie! This could mean trouble...

Thank goodness Lizzie recovered from her encounter with the whisky. Now there's time for more adventures with our lovely couple.


New Outfits

Wait a minute did Lizzie order some outfits without telling hoomum??? ... Aunty Brenda @beetee_handmade and Aunty Betti @bettis_stitches have made some super outdoor things for our couple. Just the thing for a british summer. Just what's needed for a day's adventure to Belsay Hall and Gardens in Northumberland.

And Aunty Debbie aka @themousetailor has been busy with some outfits too. WhooooHoooo Aunty Debbie's parcel arrived... Aren't they spiffing! Just what our retired couple need for travelling around Scotlandishland in the summer...

Well we all know that the dreaded Covid got in the way of all kinds of adventures for 2020. Poor old Hoomum not only had the Covid thing, but worse still Long Covid stayed on to slow Hoomum down. Everything was put on hold for such a long time... Miss Lizzie and Julius had hoped to visit the hoomin families in London and their relatives in Scotlandishland, but everything went so very quiet.

Lizzie spent her time in the sewing room stitching away, dreaming of times when adventures could being again. She found lovely fabrics and with the help of Hoomum set about making new outfits. Julius read his books, researching family history, ordering extra cheeses and wine to cheer everyone up. And then, suddenly there was blue sky, and singing and dancing and dressing up in posh clothes! Oh what happy mouselets....

Miss Lizzie and Prof Julius, dream of adventures then meet Mook, Millie and Nibbles

But how short lived! Covid came back again, our mice pottered about indoors, taking short walks around their home town and Staying Safe! The planned Christmas celebrations with the London family had to be postponed and rearranged at the last moment... with hasty shopping and tidying up to make a good time at home... before setting off to their favourite place for the New Year...

Festive Plans Changing, then excitement happens!

And now it is 2022. What will this year bring? Will there be new adventures? What will happen in the wonderful world of Wooliamgangmice? But wait is that a certain retired mouse lady demanding a new frock just in case there is Burns Night Supper after all???? Oh Miss Lizzie you are so demanding. It's off to Penelope Creations for prosecco and chat.... Get your wallet ready Prof Julius, I just know this is going to be expensive... I don't suppose you could just pop round to the DIY store to get some supplies... Oh Julius! did you just mutter the cheese and wine shop would be more like it.....

Now that Miss Lizzie has her new ball gown, where will she go to wear it? Could it be a Burns' Night gathering after all?? Lizzie and Julius do look such a dashing pair on the dance floor.

The arrival of the twins, Pip and Squeak

Philly and Peter McSqueak are away on their various tours of duty with the Royal Mouse Navy, so their twins have come to stay with Lizzie and Julius for a while... It's a good job Lizzie demanded a larger house with a huge bedroom/playroom on the top floor. Mama Sue very kindly made sure the twins had plenty of books and toys to play with, and she seems to have given our twins a verrrrrry mischievous streak...

Early morning fun for Pip and Squeak

Pip and Squeak were awake early this morning. They thought it would be good fun to visit Hoomum's desk, which was tidy for a change... (*Big Tuts*... how long will that last??). Somehow the twins pulled their own work table onto the desk. They love their activity books and pencils Mama Sue ( sent them. We think Hoomum's desk was tidy because she wanted to have an early start on a new project! Clearly our mouselets have other ideas! "We can have lots of fun before Granny and Pappy wake up" they squeaked to Hoomum. Well we knew it wouldn't be long before they found a box of Hoomum's stitchery things. "Is this real gold??", "What about these pretty things". Hoomum tried to intervene, but they were already dressing up and having fun with fabrics. "Will there be porridge for breakfast"? Asked Pip. "I do hope so" replied Squeak.

The Twins learn of hazards on Hoomum's Desk

What are these little rascals up to now.. Gosh Hoomum has a verrrrrry big pot of coffee which really does need some investigating by our intrepid youngsters. Stay still Squeak! Stop little mice! that really is very dangerous! Too late! Pip is falling down. Is that giggling or crying? Miss Lizzie rushes to comfort them, making sure they are alright, then a few stern, but kind words on playing safely, and how dangerous Hoomum's desk can be especially if she's not there.... Come along twins let's go and have that delicious breakfast of porridge.

After breakfast Lizzie was on hand to make sure the twins played safely while she refereed the jousting tournament. Phew! What a relief, she declared it was a draw.


It's the end of February and our British weather is so changeable. Little Pip and Squeak had to stay in today, there was rain, rain and even more rain. The twins helped Granny and Pappy with the dusting and tidying, then doing some baking. After lunch it was time for playing with toys and reading. Our twins were so well behaved today, and in the evening enjoying quiet time together to watch an episode of a favourite programme.

Our darling twins seem to have settled in very well with Lizzie and Julius. There's lots of playtime and helping out in the house and garden. Then after a few weeks......


"Sssshhhhh don't let the twins hear." Julius quickly closed the zoom call on the laptop... "Gosh Tuesday or Wednesday? Can that really be true. Oh it will be such a lovely surprise for them. We'd better make sure the spare room is ready". Lizzie and Julius hugged each other and shed a few tears of happiness. They know who is on her way home, but are sworn to secrecy in case of unexpected delays. Mama Sue knows too....

A surprise visit from Mummy

Oh what a wonderful surprise for our twins. Mummy (known as Philly to those very close to her), has some well earned leave from RMN Submarine 'The Invincible Mice'. She will now join our adventures in Mouseland. We are all very proud of Philly, she worked hard at Mousing University, being sponsored by the Royal Mouse Navy (RMN) for her medical degree, and then completing her naval training shortly afterwards. Here she is, in her splendid uniform, Mama Sue took some photos just before she started her journey home. Hoomum and Aunty Diane @littleowlmakes had been busy too making sure that Philly has plenty of outfits in her wardrobe.

What was that?? Will Daddy be joining the family soon? We'll have to have a little chat with Mama Sue about that.... For now we'll have a little adventure to Center Parcs with the extended hoomin family and meet up with Mook, Millie and Nibbles....

Adventures with the Hoomins at Center Parcs

After a delicious breakfast of porridge, Granny and Pappy make sure everyone has packed their bags ready for a grand adventure. Our family meet up with Mook, Millie and Nibbles, then it is off to explore and have fun in the woods. The twins find an old bird feeder which makes for a perfect swing; they enjoy clambering over huge obstacles, climbing and swinging in the trees, all carefully supervised by the grown ups. The twins tell their mummy what they have learned about caring for the forest. Apparently the hoomins enjoyed meeting up with all the grandchildren too. What a verrrrrry happy #wooliamgangfamily. What a verrrrrry happy hoomin family too.

The Twins discover the cabinet of curiosities

Back at home the twins continue to have lots of fun when they are not at school. One day Hoomum accidentally left a door open and our dear little twins thought it would be good fun to sneak in to explore the cabinet of curiosities... amongst all the dust there were some interesting bits and pieces to rummage through... Gosh Hoomum must have had lots of adventures too, to collect all of these precious items.

The Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter everyone. The Twins were up very early this morning for an adventure with the Easter Bunny while the family sleep on. With the help of Tiny Ted and Tiny Rabbit they are searching for treats hidden in Hoomum's rockery. There were squeaks of delight as eggs, chicks and bunnies were found. "Oh what fun, shall we show mummy our grand haul of treats?". Thank you Mama Sue for organising #wooliamgangeaster2022. You can see more of the gang's easter fun on Instagram using this link here, and thank you Easter Bunny for helping the twins find their treats.

Welcome home Daddy

There were some hushed conversations going on between Lizzie and Phillipa, something about Lizzie looking after the twins while Philly goes out on a secret mission... They hoped the twins were out of hearing... Now we know our twins are a very bright pair and always up for a bit of adventure, especially if it involves a secret mission. Would they dare sneak out and follow their mummy to find out what's going on? Phew! we know that Lizzie is a very wise granny, she knew that the twins might have heard a bit of the whisper so she kept a very close eye on our twins, making sure they were safe. Our little family do seem to like secret missions...

What a good job Lizzie kept an eye on those two small adventure mice. So that is what we have been waiting for! Cmdr Peter McSqueak (the eldest son of the Laird of Clan McSqueak and latterly of the Royal Mouse Navy), is home. Peter has been granted some special leave after completing his Sssshhhhh latest secret mission for MI-ce. We'd better not ask too many questions, but do you think he has lots of gadgets in his fabulous luggage? and is that an ordinary brolly he has with him??? What a lovely husband to bring flowers for Philly, and I'm sure there will be presents for everyone else too. What a happy family reunion and weren't our twins clever to follow mummy in secret to meet with their daddy.

It's a grand day in the Mouse House. The twins enjoy showing daddy their play room, there are lots of hugs and cuddles and leaping up and down. The whole family is verrrrrry happy that daddy is home safe and sound. After supper, our little family spend some time reading together and enjoy catching up with all the family news. Daddy brought Pip and Squeak special ribbons to wear, Pip has a very pale yellow ribbon and Squeak has a pink ribbon, their favourite colours. Do you think Daddy needs a helpful hint to know which twin is which?? At last the twins have settled down to sleep and the parents of both generations can relax with plenty of cheese and a little glass of something special.

It's another day in the mouse house. Everyone had a jolly good night sleep, although when we peeped into Philly and Peter's room there were two extra pairs of little feet sticking out of the bed... Later that day Peter shares some of his feats of derring do with Julius while Lizzie and Philly look after the twins. Julius checks that Peter's lapel rose is safe around the twins "Oh yes" says Peter "It's in safe mode, and the you know know what (gun) is stored away safely." *taps schnozzle, with a knowing wink*. Ah the job is always part of Peter's life... "We're so glad you're home Peter" says Julius, "but you do look as if you need some rest and building up with plenty of cheese". "I shall look forward to that, as well as having lots of adventures with the little ones." replied Peter.

The family gather round the dining table for a grand family feast. Lizzie thinks to herself "I'm so glad we are all here and safe, but I do wish those bloomin decorators would hurry up and finish the work" "Hoomum....."

Oh Hurrah! There is an opportunity to visit the relatives in Scotlandishland, so our mouseling family make sure their their best formal outfits are spick and span, then pack their suitcases and fill the car ready for an adventure to see Mook, Millie and Nibbles...

Lizzie and Julius in France 2022 :

We heard that Hoodad wanted to start being adventurous again; he booked a cruise on the River Seine and said it would be alright for Lizzie and Julius to come along too. Our couple quickly packed their bags. Lizzie was so excited with the prospect of seeing Paris, Giverny, the Bayeux tapestry and so many other wonderful sights.

Every day was an exciting excursion, every evening was feasting in style (so many wonderful cheeses and wine), then relaxing watching the scenery float by, or were we floating past the scenery. Who knows it was all just so wonderful...

Sadly we all caught Covid on the way home and then spent the next two weeks feeling verrrrry unwell.... Thank goodness Philly and Peter were on hand to make sure we were all OK.

A new arrival...:

Philly and Peter have been home from their sshhh!!! top secret jobs for a while now, and at last we can reveal why... A verrrrrry special little mouse has joined the family. Aunty Mummy Mousie Sue sent the stork with a very special package. All the family are so delighted with the new arrival. Say hello to Baby Cam (short for Camembert Mouse McSqueak)*Big Waves Hello*. Isn't he/she just absolutely gorgeous. As with all mice we aren't exactly sure of the correct gender yet, but as the adventures start we are sure this will become clear.

The twins are so happy to meet their new sibling, Oh what wonderful adventures we will have together. Julius and Lizzie are so happy that the baby has arrived safely and all is well. The twins are so excited they want to cuddle in close. and at the end of a verrrry long and happy day, Philly and Peter settle down with Baby Cam to read a story and nurse him/her to sleep. SSSHHHHH everyone let's leave leave them to a quiet evening.

More adventures at a Jubilicious London weekend...:

The whole family travelled to London for a special little hoomin's 6th birthday, but it also happened to be the Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend celebrations... A full set of special clothes for all the family arrived - Don't they look spiffing in their jubilicious outfits at their party before they left home. The letter boxes also seem to be having a party. All the luggage and everyone was packed into the car as they set off on their latest adventure. The Mouse Family obviously have verrrrry good connections with a certain family so they had a specially grand day out in London before joining in with hoomum's family celebrations.

Lizzie and Julius go to a wedding:

Peter and Philly spent some well earned holiday time with all the children. While Lizzie and Julius did what retired couples do... Reading quietly, going out for lunch, being busy in the sewing room and of course having more adventures... Lizzie began to hone her skills as snoopervisor extrodinaire; giving hoomum the *hard stare* and wielding her perfectly pointy prodding stick to make sure hoomum got on with her stitchery projects. There were rewards for Lizzie and Julius. Hoomum and Hoodad went travelling for a family wedding, L&J were invited and they had a wonderful time as well as a bit of sightseeing at Stonehenge..

Merry ChrissyMouse 2022

At the end of the year the family get together again for ChrissyMouse celebrations, and look it has snooooowed. The mouselets are soooo excited they put on their warm clothes and rush outside to have some fun. They especially like climbing the trees, and sliding down the greenhouse roof. The family are put up their ChrissyMouse tree in the sitting room and there are lots of presents. It's going to be a lovely celebration with us all together this year. Miss Lizzie secretly wishes the renovations of the kitchen and dining room were finished...

At the beginning of 2023, it was quiet in the Mouse House for quite a while as Hoomum and Hoodad started having work done in their house. Our Mouselets played in the Playroom, and to help keep hoomum sane Lizzie encouraged her to do lots more snitching to Fettle those Finishes 2023. You can see how many things were stitched from one of the other web pages.


The mouselets grow Sunny Sunflowers:

There's been snow and rain, and more rain. It's spring at last and the hostas are beginning to grow again. Lizzie and Julius want the mouselets to grow flowers this year. They were so impressed with the sunny sunflowers that Uncle Ian grew for Rachel's wedding they decided the family must have a go too. We chose a sunflower called Teddy Bears. Lots more of the #wooliamgang grew sunflowers too. MiniArchie put together an IG page with lots of photos, which can be seen from here. Our mouselets had a lot of fun counting, planting, watching, waiting, measuring... The mouselets were so excited to do the weekly checking on our sunny sunflowers, Teddy Bears is a luffly name for them... The whole family went away to celebrate Hoodad's BIG birthday so hoomum took the plants out of the greenhouse, and they has kept on growing.... After 44 days, the six that germinated are good and strong. What to do next.... does we transplant them straight into the garden soil? Or should we grow them in pots? MiniArchie says plant them straight into the garden. They grew and grew and grew and got lots of verrrrry luffly flowers on them.

Hoomum gets a new kitchen & Lizzie makes Hoomum do lots of embroidery :

While the Mouselets were having fun in the garden. Hoomum and Lizzie were busy planning a new kitchen. There was such a lot of noise and biffing and banging to knock wall downs, repair the ceiling, build new units and lots of other horrible jobs. Eventually the job was done and Hoomum has her new kitchen and celebrates with a dinner party. What a lot of mess Hoomum!. Lizzie thinks perhaps I'll wait a little bit longer before asking Hoomum to do our kitchen and dining room. Lizzie and Hoomum are so worn out they are pleased they could get back to stitching.

Penny Mouse joins the prod squad...:

Well, well, well,  look who has arrived.  It's Miss Penny Mouse, We think this is Miss Lizzie's twin sister, but can be sure of family connections in Mouseland. The family are so excited to be reunited after such a long time apart. Big waves to everyone in the #wooliamgang community. Philly and the children are full of excited squeaks,  especially when they found all the treats in Penny's luggage.

Professor Julius thinks OMG is that another female staying in the house! I hope I don't lose my precious study. Hoomum thinks OMG we will have to build another extension to the MouseHouse. Thank you so much, Aunty Mummy Mousie Sue, for sending Penny Mouse to us. There will be lots of chatting and catching up to do in the next few days...

Well Penny Mouse has worked wonders in the Sewing Room making in comfortable for her stay. MiniArchie is verrrry pleased that Lizzie has a new recruit to the Prod squad. He has sent some special junior prodding sticks for the mouselets so they can join the team too. Now let's get to work on Fettling some of these finishes Hoomum!

Lizzie and Penny Mouse have trained up the youngsters to adhere to safety and correct prodding techniques. Just in time too. With a full compliment in the Prod Squad, Hoomum Penny has been prodded and poked and stared at until Roger The Rhino is finished! Bravo for Fettling a Finish Hoomum. Please may we go to Penelope Creations for some new frocks now? What! Really! Hasn't Hoomum got enough to do on The List already! There are plenty of frocks in the wardrobe for everyone to share. See how lovely you look in the yellow dress from Aunty Diane. We will try to get everyone new frocks for the New Year's Eve dinner though.

The play room is ready for Halloween 2023...:

The twins were home from school, and on a wet dreary afternoon they decided it was time to get ready for spooky stories and adding a few decorations to the play-room. We hope baby Cam was not too scared by the flying ghosts.

The mouselets have been busy all afternoon, and now the family have come to admire their art and craft work. Will there be hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows around the fire? and Will there be scary stories to tell?...

The mouselets are having such a lot of fun getting ready for a Halloween party night. They want to go as Mummies! The twins started wrapping baby Cam but fell over with laughter. Somehow everyone managed to wrap each other, and with baby Cam they all hopped down to find their mummy and daddy, who were so impressed with their outfits and the carved pumpkins. Granny and Pappy, too, thought this was going to be a splendid party. Whoooohoooo is that a spooky M M M mummy...

The mouselets looked up at the dark night sky and the full moon appeared above the Cathedral.... Come on gang we can go and explore a haunted castle.... Then suddenly a big scary horseman thundered by making such a whoooosing noise they had to run for shelter. Erm if it's OK with everyone, squeaked a verrrrry tiny voice, I don't want any more scary stories, can we go home now. And so a verrrry friendly witch found a bit room on her broom and made sure they got home safely to the family.

Merry ChrissyMouse 2023:

The twins and baby Cam are verrrrry excited that ChrissyMouse has arrived. Lizzie Mouse asked to make everyone a coordinated outfit for the day. Don't they all look spiffing! Julius has a pocket for his key to the study, He doesn't want to lose it. But he doesn't need it for the festive season this year. The Mouse House has walls that move and the wall between his study and the sitting room has been moved to make sure there is plenty of space for everyone to share. Good job too! Now there is space for that verrrrry large ChrissyMouse Tree and all the presents under it. Look, Penny Mouse has joined the family for the festivities so it is a verrrrry large family gathering.

The mouselets eventually did fall asleep after sending a verrrrrry long ChrissyMouse Eve letter to SantaMouse, and are now up bright and early. What are they up to? We hope they are behaving like sensible young mouselets, while the parents or grandparents get everything ready for sssshhhhh you know what. SantaMouse has been, they all squeak together. and look the Festive Friends are guarding the little Hoomins' presents too. Peter and Julius are busy in the kitchen making breakfast for everyone. Then Lizzie, Penny Mouse and Philly make sure all is ready for the magnificent ChrissyMouse feast. Lizzie is soooo pleased that the decorators managed to finish the dining room work in time for today. After ChrissyMouse lunch it's time for our family to play some games. Shall it be MouseCharades? or MouseTwister? or how about Mouseopoly... The older generation have decided to go out for a walk to help settle their tummies after such a feast. Later in the evening. All is quiet, three little mousies are fast asleep in bed, and the grown ups sit quietly, enjoying a little bit of cheese and wine, chatting about the wonderful year they have had this year. We wonder what it will be like in 2024.

New Year Celebrations

The Mousies travelled to Scotlandishland for New Year celebrations with Mook, Millie and Nibbles. But first the ladies said they must all have new frocks for the posh dinner in Edinburgh. Penelope Creations came up trumps again! Don't they look spiffing. Good job the chaps have their kilts to wear.

Off they all went packed tightly into the MUV (mousie utility vehicle). There were hoots of delight when they crossed the border into Scotlandishland. Mook was supposed to be in charge of baby-sitting, but Millie and Nibbles seemed to be encouraging a bit of mischief with 'sticks' of a verrrry dangerous sort. Then it was supposed to be a good night's sleep for everyone. But someone started telling stories of the Wild Teacayks of Scotlandishland. The mouselets decided it would be a good idea to go looking for the Wild Teacayks, and is that a field of Wild Teacayks.... and look out mouselets.... it's behind you... the Giant Wild Teacayk..... help....hel.... he....h... ....... Happily the magnificent ArchieWonderDog called out to them "Fear not, mouselets, Wild Teacayks is shy and retiring creatures who is much more afeared of you than you is of them so I finks it must have beed a dream". Meanwhile the grown-ups were having fun at Twenty Princes Street, and celebrating the bells and fireworks at Midnight

Sadly the visit to Scotlandishland was over all to soon and it was time to bid farewell to the relatives. Happy New Year everyone. We hope you will all come back again soon.


Come back again soon to follow our further adventures and catch up on extra stories. In the meantime Hoomum has listened to Lizzie and is so sorry that she's upset the builders and decorators haven't finished all the renovations. But you know how it is, builders sometimes let customers down. Hoomum will give the decorators another prod to come back to continuing working in the Mouse House so the family can have more comfort.



PART TWO: The Mouse House renovations:

During the long, long, months of Covid 2020 & 2021, all travelling and other grand adventures were put on hold. Hoomum was often very poorly coping with Long Covid. However, Julius and Lizzie had ideas for some DIY to extend and improve their small home. Hoomum would need lots of new skills in miniature furniture making. She was sent to the library interesting books and set to researching on YouTube....

Lizzie and Julius knew the twins Pip and Squeak, would have to live with them while their mummy was away (seconded to the British Antarctic Mouse Survey for a two year tour of duty). We're still not allowed to say what their daddy is really doing, but MI-ce have assured us that he is safe and his job is very important to keep everyone safe in Mouseland...

Anyway... The existing Mouse House was too small for the whole family and they definitely needed more room. Lizzie and Julius helped find a larger space in Hoomum's sewing room by rearranging boxes and shelves of books. Eventually, the long process of making each shelf into a floor of their new home began. Julie Warren's YouTube tutorials and other books, were most helpful. Hoomum became more confident in making mini furniture and room design! The first rooms to be renovated in the new house were the Master bedroom with en suite bathroom and a playroom/bedroom for the twins. Hoomum explains how the rooms were created below.

Making the Master Bedroom:

The master bedroom was the first room in the Mouse House re-vamp. It started with a bed! Hoomum wanted to make a 1/12 sized super king luxurious four poster using some remnants of Laura Ashley fabrics from her stash. It was the first construction with lots of trial and error in the structure of the bed and not much knowledge of structural materials to use. Eventually the four poster idea was abandoned. Instead, a new floor to ceiling padded headboard was created with the original base. The base and headboard are made of double layered artist's mount board on a lattice structure for stability. The mattress is part of a large bathroom sponge. The end board, duvet, bolster and bedside rugs use Laura Ashley teal coloured silk. The headboard and pillows are the Chrysanthemum pattern.

Hoomum couldn't find a ready made wardrobe that suited Lizzie, so this one is cut from mount board to fit the side of the room. The chests, drawers, dressing table and bedside tables are coloured card folded and stuck to shape. The mirror was a foil food tray thoroughly washed and recycled. The bedside lamps are from a Julie Warren tutorial using silver beads and a button. The bottles on the dressing table were purchased from Julie Warren's Etsy shop. The bedside rugs are padded silk fabric. There is an en-suite bathroom with fittings from Minimum World. Clever Hoomum made pictures for the bathroom walls using tiny pieces of sea glass and shells collected from Seaham Beach. Pictures on the bedroom walls are from the Rabbie Burns celebration UK stamps, and a small Christmas card.

Hoomum is very pleased with this room!


Making the Children's room:

The Children's room with en-suite bathroom is a new addition to the house. A few more accessories are required to make sure Pip and Squeak have everything they need. The walls are foam core board covered with gift wrapping paper, decorations are cake toppers from a high street card shop, and the chalk board from The Range all 1 each. The window frame, bunk beds with integrated workspace, chairs and stools were the first pieces of 'wooden' furniture made by Hoomum. She used lollipop sticks and coffee stirrers for the frames, then painted them with acrylic. All the bedding, cushions, curtains and padded play mat are from scraps in the stash.... We started with a chest of drawers of folded card, but that has been relegated to the attic now. Mama Sue (Susan Ashford very kindly sent beautiful toy chest with Pip and Squeak when they arrived. The rocking horse was bought from Minimum World. The ceiling lights are washers stuck to the paper lining with double sided tape. The tiled floor in the bathroom is a pattern resized, printed onto card stock then covered with clear sticky backed plastic. The ceramic bathroom suite was purchased from Minimum World. Hoomum did try making taps and a shower but her wire bending and manipulation skills are not good enough yet.

Our twins love their playroom/bedroom. Here are some more images of our twins at play (click on the first image to see a larger version).


Making the Study & Sitting Room:

The Sitting Room before renovation - Julius would like his study to have lots of bookcases, a fireplace and a large desk. Lizzie would like to have the three piece suite recovered. The twins would like a big television...

The twins have been granted their wish for a big TV, Julius has a wonderful chair for his study, and Great Aunt Agatha's clock has made an appearance... The decorators did make a start, but definitely need a prod to finish the work. The carpenter also needs a very, very big prod to get on with the desk and chair as well as another comfy chair for Peter or Phillipa to use the study. Julius thinks they may need to put a wall up between the study and sitting room so the grown ups can work quietly, especially if there has to be a secure MI-ce connection installed...

Well things moved on... Baby Cam arrived, Philly has not gone back to work and Peter is staying nearer to home (he still works for MI-ce) but the family need somewhere to be with the children to make sure they have time together after school. Things seem to be going quite well while Lizzie and Julius are on holiday, there is plenty of space for our little family, and for friends to come and play.

When Julius and Lizzie came back from their holiday in France, he found that the twins and their friends had taken over HIS study and left it awfully untidy!!!! He was quietly furious! He declared a wall must be put up between HIS study and the TV room and there must be a lock and key for the door. Amazing what can be done when someone makes up his mind... Miss Lizzie and Julius now use the study as their sitting room, so they can have some quiet evenings sipping wine and nibbling cheese... Then of course Penny Mouse arrived, and she needed a sitting room... Excuse me Penny Mouse, Is that a well dressed cat in your sitting room? How long is she going to be staying here?

By the way Hoomum, those walls definitely need some more pictures, in fact there seems to be quite a lot of decorating required all over the MouseHouse.!

Making the Kitchen & Dining Room:

Miss Lizzie is upset that the extension for the dining room is taking far too long to be completed!

The Kitchen before renovation. Lizzie would like a large dining table for her posh dinner parties.

The Decorators and carpenters made a start, but disappeared... Poor Lizzie has dreams of an elegant dining room and country style kitchen. Until that happens this is what she has to put up with... Hoomum know exactly how Lizzie feels, she is still waiting too....

Hooray, the builder and decorator came back. They have finished putting up the wall with door between the kitchen and dining room and finished decorating the walls... Just in time for ChrissyMouse 2023. Now Miss Lizzie can enjoy her dinner parties without having to look at the mess in the kitchen.

Making the Sewing Room:

Lizzie liked her sewing room in the old house. It was spacious and had everything she needed. Her new room needs a jolly good makeover.

The original Sewing Room before decorating.

Miss Lizzie's life does seem to mirror that of poor hoomum. Hoomum's sewing room is always untidy too, so much stash, so many projects to complete... Hoomum would love to have someone come in and make her ideas for a really good workspace a reality. Until then...

Lizzie used to be able to step out into the garden room to enjoy the plants and flowers while enjoying a glass of prosecco with Philly or other friends that just happen to drop in for a stitch and chat session.

Oh dear poor Lizzie, yet more of the extended family have joined the MouseHouse living arrangements. Yet another room has been purloined. Penny Mouse suggested some minor alterations to the ground floor. The garden room has become an extended sewing/laundry room and the sewing room is now Penny Mouse's sitting room. Did you notice Lizzie was a bit crafty too, she persuaded the builders to move the wall so her her sewing room is bigger than the older one...

Latest version of the Sewing Room (October 2023) - it does need a bit of decorating...

Making the Garden:

Poor Julius, always the last to get what he wants. They had a garden, then they didn't have a garden.... Once again Lizzie and Julius are hoping for a new garden. Maybe this time there will be room for a fire pit and space for growing more things in it... We don't think this is going to happen for a very long time. Time for some dreaming: Hoomum would like a new patio and seating area in her garden too... She likes afternoon tea outside in the warmer months.... and it would be so nice for the grandchildren to have a big space to play in.... and plenty of space for the car they bought recently....

The Garden before renovation. Lizzie hopes there will still be space for patio drinks and being lazy.

Come back soon to read more adventures of Lizzie, Julius, Philly & Peter, the twins and Penny Mouse. But please remember this is a story, it's not really real!


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