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All images of textile work on this website are my own designs from my personal collection, unless otherwise attributed.

For 2022, my resolution was : I must stop procrastination, get on with older projects and don't start too many new projects (unless they are really necessary). However, good intentions soon fell away... By mid February, naughty Penelope had already been on a spending spree, gathering projects from other lovely stitchers, crafters and textile artists, getting excited by new/different techniques... Then guess what, she got overwhelmed and very stressed at having too many things on the list to do... Write out 100 times: I must prioritise the works on my list either by due date or importance.

Monthly Update - June 2022

Highest priority for 2022: Finish a large embroidered panel for a community project; Finish module 3 of the Distant Stitch Diploma. Turn as much as possible on the lists below blue to show it is finished... Until then, Click on the left hand image to read my latest monthly update with images. Click on the right hand image to read more about Archie the Wonder Dog and the crafty chums and what they have been up to recently.

Archie The Wonder Dog

2022 My list of Contemporary Stitch & Mixed Media Projects:

  • RLCS - Blackwork in Colour (Inspired by Peppermint Purple's stitch along) - (FINISHED!!! see images below)
  • TAS-2 - Round 5 postcards (January '22) completed and posted
  • TAS-2 - Round 6 postcards (due March '22) completed and posted
  • TAS-2 (Feb) Fabric Collage on Domestic linen (due April '22) in progress
  • TAS-2 (Mar) Blackwork in Colour Pincushion - completed April 22
  • Green Stitch - Stitching on Ticking - completed (16-02-22)
  • TAS-2 (Sep) Stumpwork Rose (Me to lead) Prepare samples and kits - samples etc by Mid August
  • Green Stitch - 4 x 4" metallic samplers (by end of year)
  • Green Stitch - #roxysjournalofstitchery, 12 pages of fabric collage & stitching (by end of year)
  • RLCS Group - 4 x 4" canvas work samples
  • Dorothy wedding bag for Rachel (completed June 2022)
  • Toned Down Decorated Felt Circles (Inspired by Sue Spargo's sampler) - on hold since June 2021
  • Elizabethan Sweetie Bag in Red work (Inspirations magazine) on hold since 2021
  • Chloe Redfern - 4 x 6" hoops birds (hanging around since 2019)
  • 100 days, 100 circles (The Steady Thread) - on hold until 1st September
  • 25 hand stitched Christmas Cards(maybe, maybe not??)
  • 25 hand stitched Greetings Cards(maybe, maybe not??)
  • More Elizabeth Almond Blackwork in Colour Projects....(naughty Penelope!- stop looking at her website)
  • More The Steady Thread Blackwork in Colour Projects....(naughty Penelope! - stop looking at her website)
  • Cat & Bird pillow from Tilda's Quilts.

2022 My list of Larger Embroidery & Mixed Media Projects:

  • The Methodist Tapestry Project Panel - stitching in progress
  • Distant Stitch Module 3 - working on samples, towards large embroidered panel
  • Distant Stitch - Embroidered Panel (in progress)
  • Roger the Rhino - arrived 17-02-22 (locked in the cupboard, on hold until significant progress on MTP)
  • Botanical Printing Course (Paper Cloth Printing) (abandoned until further notice...)

Luna Lapin & Friends: Hiding in the cupboard of chaos until MTP panel finished

  • Luna Lapin and an outfit
  • Clementine Cat and an outfit
  • Erik the Polar Bear and an outfit
  • Three seater sofa for the chums

Fettle those Finishes: Completed!! Click on any image to see more detail...

Sunflower Dorothy Bag
RLCS - Blackwork in Colour
TAS-2 Blackwork in colour
Green Stitch Stitching on Ticking
TAS - postcards 'Spring'
TAS-2 postcards 'Winter'

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The Mouse House:

The full story of my #wooliamgangmice, Lizzie and Julius with their extended family can be read on the 'Mouse House' web page (follow link on menu bar). Our family now includes Pip and Squeak the seven year old twins, baby Cam (Camembert), with their mummy and daddy Cdr Phillipa McSqueak and Cdr Peter McSqueak. I am enormousely thankful to Mama Sue ( on Instagram) for lovingly creating the mice and helping bring this story to fruition. For 2022 the grand plan is to create a larger Mouse House, with as much hand made furniture and accessories as possible. Some things will be purchased to support small specialist businesses. 'The Mouse House' web page describes how each new room was made. I am only allowed to work on (play with) the Mouse House if I have done 2 hours of stitching....

  • Ground Floor - Sewing Room & Garden (wallpaper & flooring; outside - fire pit and seating; planting borders; patio)
  • First Floor - The Kitchen and Dining Room (wall cupboards & large island; dining table & 6 chairs; wall units);
  • Second Floor - The Sitting Room and Study (wallpaper and dado rail; fire place; recover sofa; large desk; book & shelves; TV)
  • Third Floor - The Master bedroom - Completed January
  • Fourth Floor - The Children's Room - Completed February
  • Accessories and new outfits - Ongoing, always more to do
  • The Mouse House story web pages - Live; story updated & images added monthly
The images below show some of the rooms and accessories that have been completed so far. You can follow Miss Lizzie and Prof Julius on their instagram account

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2021 Contemporary Stitch Samplers: A selection of contemporary samplers completed up to an including 2021. Various stitch techniques, or tones and tints of a colour (click on the first image to view a larger version).

Composite Band Stitches
Seeding Stitch Variations
Contemporary Goldwork
Contemporary White work
Canvas work variations

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The 12 Days of Christmas (inspired by Corinne Lapierre)

A friend at RLCS stitched several versions of the three French Hens which inspired me to buy Corinne Lapierre's 12 Days of Christmas book to have the patterns for the bases. Corinne also sells the wool felt in the lovely colours used for these ornaments. The book recommends using a stranded cotton floss, but I found a No.12 perle produced a nice stitch as well. With two sets of grandchildren it seemed only right that I stitched two sets of ornaments. Hubby then suggested adding a few sequins and beads to make them sparkle while hanging on the Christmas tree. So here we go: On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me ...

A Partridge in a Pear Tree
Two Turtle Doves
Three French Hens
Four Calling Birds
Five Gold Rings
Six Geese are Laying
Seven Swans a-swimming
Eight Maids a-milking
Nine Ladies Dancing
Ten Lords a-leaping
Eleven Pipers Piping
Twelve Drummers Drumming

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