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This will be my third year of following 'Fettle those Finishes' with MiniArchie the Wonder Dog and Helen (aka BC). They organise the link-up party and send *Tuts* *Pokes* & *Prods* to encourage working on The List and to update progress every month.

My own little stitching daemon, Miss Lizzie (in her fine fettling frock with the perfectly pointy prodding stick) has been joined by twin sister Miss Penny Mouse and three small mouselet trainees with their very own special prodding sticks, now they too can join in the prodding... The 'Prod Squad' use their sticks along with the *hard stares* to make sure there is no slacking throughout the year.

When a finish is fettled there are, of course, big *Waves* *Pom Poms* *Jigs* & *Hurrahs* from everyone.

Come back every month to see how my projects are progressing:

Monthly Update: End of January 2024

January started with us celebrating hogmanay in Edinburgh with Stitchy Jem and Mook (my son and daughter in law). Lots of laughs, good food and long walks. And as a bonus on the way home the tide was out, so we could enjoy time on Lindisfarne (Holy Island). Even though it was cold and windy, the skies were bright blue. Well wrapped up it was perfect for a good walk and a delicious long leisurely lunch in the Jolly Sailor before heading home to Durham.

It was a quick turn around as we had to be in London for ten days of helping out with three of the grandchildren. My word that was tiring! The tinies are 4, 6 & 7, technically all at the same school, but each has a different location for dropping off. Up at 7.00am every morning to get the sleepyheads up and dressed, and breakfasted. On the bus by 8.00am, school drop offs, come home, organise washing, tidying up, prepare evening meal. Walk to school in afternoon to pick-up tinies at 3.15ish, then off to after school clubs. Home for supper, reading/piano practise, supper, bath & bed time. Phew! No wonder Hannah needs an au pair during the week to help out! Poor Mr Hubbykins, he couldn't take the pace "I can't do this for a second week" he wailed, "I hope the child care is sorted by the weekend!!" . Oh it was good to be home, no alarm clock, leisurely late breakfasts, peace and quiet... We love the tinies verrrrry much, but just one week per term is all these poor oldies can manage these days.

So not much stitching for the first half of the month. Unbelievably another mouselet appeared in the Widdison House as if by magic (thank you verrrry much Aunty MammyMousieSue), so there had to be some dedicated settling in time and sorting out a bit more space in the MouseHouse. That really does complete our family of mousies! Tut Tut Hoomum - You are not doing what you are supposed to be doing! The trusty prod squad got to work. I think they magiced all the verrrry cold and frosty/snowy/windy weather so I couldn't go out! They set up the order of sewing for each day, kept me warm and hydrated with ample cups of coffee, and fortunately stitchery things picked up.

Here we are. Three Fettled Finishes for January, all for the TAS-2 summer exhibition: Three fettled finish points in the bag: Hurrah, Waves Pom Poms, does Jigs! Miss Lizzie scurries off to get cheeses and chocolate out to share with beloved prod squad.


Embellished Tile for TAS-2 Exhibition Ushaw 24
Garden birds (blue tit) for TAS-2 Exhibition Ushaw 24
Garden birds (wren) for TAS-2 Exhibition Ushaw 24

1: The embellished tile, based on a design from floor tiles at Ushaw Historic House. This piece is for the group project. We were all given two pieces of felt, I chose burnt orange and turquoise (well there's a surprise!). The top layer was very tricky to cut out, but I did cheat - I used bond-a-web on the back with the design traced on it, so I could get a good cut out, and keep it in place while stitching. I was beginning to panic about this - my friend is coordinating the collection of the tiles so she can stitch them all together. Better keep it simple then. Orange Perle No.12: outlines using Palestrina Stitch, with Pistil stitch and French knots. Variegated turquoise Perle No5 for internal couching and other French Knots. Fortunately the stitching only took two days. So that's a .

2: The Blue Tit (design by Chloe Redfern) finished to fit a 15cm hoop. The aim is to stitch six garden birds for the Ushaw exhibition. I traced the design of this and the wren onto the fabric so I could take them to London, but only managed to do a bit of the outline stitching. The base is space dyed cotton from my stash, using horse-chestnut husks to give colour and patterns. Single strand of DMC floss throughout, using straight stitch, back stitch and fly stitch. Once I got going, it only took four days to complete. So that's another .

3: The Wren, number two of six. Same as above. That's the third for this month.

I'm really glad I've started the Chloe Redfern bird series ( ) I bought the patterns way back in 2019 and never got round to starting them. So the exhibition at Ushaw this summer means there is no escape from getting them done. I'm about to trace out more patterns, so come back next month to see what progress I've made on this series.

For more and larger images of my recent work, click here to go to the

Fettled Finishes Gallery 2024.



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The List of projects and works for 2024:

  Description of Project
Date added to list
Expected delivery
Date completed
Fettling Points
-1- Complete border for 100 blackwork circles (to finish the Steady Thread project from 2022)
January 2023
(expect 3 more months for working)

Chloe Redfern Birds Designs- 6 x 6" hoops (hand embroidery). Originally for me, but now destined for the TAS-2 Ushaw '24 exhibition

  • Nuthatch
  • Wren ()
  • Bullfinch
  • Blue Tit ()
  • Barn Owl or Gold finch
  • Robin
Feb. 2019


Must be finished by March 2024

Wren Jan

Blue Tit Jan

-3- TAS-2 Travelling Books postcard sized (one per month)
Jan 2024
-4- TAS-2 Embellished tile (group project for Exhibition) ()
November 2023
February 2024
Jan 2024
-5- TAS-2 Project - four mixed media pieces based on windows (for Ushaw 24 Exhibition)
November 2023
Mid May 2024
-6- Cat & Bird pillow from Tilda's Quilts book
October 2022
-7- 4 x 4" Appliqué coasters
September 2022
-8- 4 x 4" canvas work samples
June 2021
-9- Elizabethan Sweetie Bag in Red work (Inspirations magazine)
June 2021

Luna Lapin meets Jane Austen - Make Wilhemina Woodmouse & a.n.other

special box with two complete outfits

May 2023
-11- #roxysjournalofstitchery, snippet roll of fabric collage & slow stitching
June 2022
January 2023 (expect 6 months for working)
ha ha ha
-12- Gwen Hedley course - Contemporary stitch
January 2023
January 2023 (expect 2 months for working)
on hold

Outfits for the existing Chums

  • Erik's svarlbardian duffle coat etc
  • 2 x swirling dress for Luna & Clemmie
purchased Feb 2023
-14- 10 Cool Crafting Baby Bunnies with ChrissyMouse outfits (table decorations for Hannah)
October 2023
by end of November 24
-15- The 'Dickens' Box from Cool Crafting. Four mousies based on A Christmas Carol
November 2023

Hamish the Highlander+ outfit

(from Sarah Peel's - Cool Crafting book)

February 2023

Ziggy the Hedgehog + outfit

(from Sarah Peel's - Cool Crafting book)

February 2023

Ernestine the fox + outfit

(from Sarah Peel's - Cool Crafting book)

April 2023
-19- More Mousie Outfits (1 each for 9 mice??)
Jan 2024
-20- 25 Hand Made ChrissyMouse Cards
Jan 2024
by end of November 2024
-21- Another set of 12 days of Christmas tree ornaments
Jan 2024
by end of November 2024
-22- An unknown TAS-2 project for later in the year
... 2024
by end of November 2024
-23- An unknown Green Stitch project for later in the year
... 2024
by end of November 2024

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