Contemporary Textiles

All images of textile work on this website are my own designs from my personal collection, unless otherwise attributed.

Please respect the copyright of creative artists and do not copy or use without attribution.

Contemporary Stitch:

My contemporary style of stitching draws influence from a variety of sources, sometimes a landscape, an artefact, a piece of poetry, it may be the colour or texture of a fabric or a favourite stitch or simply trying out a new techique. My works often inlcude mixed media with hand stitch or machine stitching. Below are are recent works prepared for exhibitions (click on the first image to scroll through larger versions with more detail):

InterFaceArts Exhibition 2021:

(Locomotion, Shildon, Co Durham, DL4 2RE)

Elements, Artists in the Scientific Landscape - 31st July - 1st October 2021

Part One: Harnessing the Elements: Exploiting Earth, Water, Air and Fire to drive science and innovations for industrial development.

Part Two: Remnants of decline: Elements of Itinerant flora, nature reclaiming derelict industrial sites.

"Peering through the fence we count more than 20 wildflower species, including the usual suspects from wasteland sites like this: teasels, mugwort, ragwort, poppies and mullein with its tall flower spikes and woolly leaf rosettes. Like the thistles, whose plumed seeds are already being torn apart by goldfinches and are drifting away on the wind, they are elements of an itinerant flora, forever in search of waste ground where they can put down roots.

Reproduced with kind permission of Dr Phil Gates, @Durham_Country_Diarist.

Turquoise & Rust: 2019

A set of nine small works using rust dyed fabric with repurposed turquoise cotton, embelished with hand stitch

On Boro'd Time: Two small works from the InterFaceArts exhibition 2019 - East Meets West

Repurposed denim clothing embellished with Japanese style Boro stitching

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Small Art:

A series of small textile art works no bigger than 15 x 10 cm. In these experimental pieces I explore themes from the natural environment of interest to me:


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Mono-printing & stitch:

Messing around in the summer studio (aka the garage) with inks, paints and other media with a Gelli Plate, stencils, blocks, found objects... Hubby won't let me have paint and watery spilling things in the house as I am fondly known as Mrs Messy with a preponderence to drop and spill things, which is not good on pale coloured carpets! Summer studio, becasue it is too cold to work there in winter. Exploring creativity with paint and printing, taking ideas from paper to fabric and stitch. Top row: Geli Plate printing, Bottom row: Inspired by a Bobbi Britnell workshop at Distant Stitch Summer School (2019).



Postcard Swap:

During lockdown restrictions of the Covid pandemic, many creative artists began to swap postcard sized pieces of work as a way of keeping in touch, focus creativity and foster well-being. Some were sent to textiles groups, others to someone who was isolating or living on their own. I took part in a global artpostcard swap in 2021, creating, sending and receiving art cards to & from other creative folk in USA, Australia and Europe. A lovely way to make new friends.

Group 1: Sets of postcards for community swaps; Group 2: Individual postcards for international swapping, personal challenges and prototypes for longer series of cards.

Group 1
Group 2

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More images of my contemporary textiles and Art work will be added in due course.

Penny is a member of:

Interface Arts Durham. an exhibiting group of creative artists from Co. Durham (This link goes to an external web page).

Society for Embroidered Work. (This link goes to an external web page).

Take a Stitch 2 Durham an Independent Stitch Group. (This link goes to an external web page).

Richmond & Leyburn Creative Stitchers'

I am also a member of the Embroiderers' Guild, the Quilters' Guild and one of a small group of fellow textile enthusiasts called 'Green Stitch'.

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